Week 10: Chocolate Showpieces – Tafe SA Certificate IV in Patisserie

Source: Week 10: Chocolate Showpieces – Tafe SA Certificate IV in Patisserie

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Psychedelic Blue Groove Quilt

Blue Quilt copy

My mum bought this fabric in the 70’s. The gorgeous psychedelic large paisley print  is just as vivid in reality as in the photo, even though the gold line work doesn’t really show.

One of the largest prints I have seen I was discouraged from wanting to cut into it even though I loved the colours.  There was too little fabric for the kimono style dressing gown I thought it would suit, so for a long while I just pondered.

Eventually it called me to practice free motion quilting. The original idea was to do a wall panel but Tricia from Tricia’s discount fabrics encouraged me to make a quilt and with her assistance I chose a purple wide back and a wool and poly blend wadding.

Struggling to manipulate the weight, I free motion quilted around the designs on my trusty old Pfaff 1475 using King Tut thread in the Luxorious colour way. It wasn’t long before I purchased the Gypsy quilters  fabulous fabric glide from OzQuilts which helped considerably.  If I ever decide to do another large quilt a Supreme Slider, or similar, will be the first item on my shopping list. Some people use a silicon spray, but I wasn’t able to find one that claimed to be safe for fabrics and didn’t want to take the risk of any stains.

Eventually it was back to Tricia’s to find a binding, and after much perusing, Tricia suggested a plain black binding.  As soon as I started attaching the binding the whole quilt just ‘brightened’ before my eyes. I used the Pfaff ‘stitch in the ditch foot with guide’ from Allmake Sewing Centre to attach the binding without hand sewing.

As I had no idea what the fabric would be called searching on Google images didn’t get me very far so I asked the lovely ladies on the Quilt Club Australia Facebook group for help in naming and soon had many wonderful suggestions.  Psychedelic Blue Groove seems to describe it, quite aptly I feel.

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Fairy Costumery


Pretty fairy in her new dress of silken gossamer gathered from the berry patch, dyed with the juices of the lucscious fruit, stitched together with sunbeams and moon-dust, and her apron of sparkly dewdrops.

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Happy Harlequin Shoulder Quilt

Happy Harlequin Shoulder Quilt

Happy Harlequin Shoulder Quilt

Pleased to have finally finished my Happy Harlequin Shoulder Quilt.  It has been a long time in the making. Continue reading

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Burrito Seasoning



This burrito seasoning is made with dried herbs. Blitz the non powdered herbs, salt and sugar in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle, and then add the powdered herbs and cornflour and mix. Continue reading

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Pita Bread

Cooked PitaMmmm, home made Pita Bread crispy or soft, and delicious.  Not to mention the thrill I get from seeing them all puffed up as I turn or take them off the baking Stone.

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Baked Beans

Baked beans cooked and cooled ready to serve.

‘Baked Beans’ make a quick and easy breakfast and while one could simply buy the manufactured version… I like to make my own, to my own taste, and so that I know exactly what they contain.

I freeze single portion quantities of the baked beans in silicon muffin pans, and then defrost them in the microwave for about 5 minutes on medium or medium/low.

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Poetry Writing Challenge #5

Although, it is clear that the prompts offered by the ‘NaPoWriMo 2013‘ challenge are optional, I am finding that it benefits me to use them.  Left to my own devices I would struggle!  Having said that, I’m not finding this challenge easy.  Although, I was writing daily in my working life and coming home to write more while I was studying, writing for creativity only is something I have barely touched on since school.

Today’s prompt, a valediction, is something I had never really associated with poetry, one can but try…

Farewell, my audacious friend
your comfort I have appreciated.
At many a days end
we commune as stress abated.

Perhaps next year we will converge,
your perfumed spice and red berry smell,
with strawberry and Satsuma plum flavours merge
as a summer pudding spell.

I wish again you grace my glass
with purple pink and scarlet red.
Seek and search the well worn path,
for the vintage ladybird led.

My inspiration for this poem was my final bottle of “Scarlet Ladybird Rose“, last summer. I didn’t find it in my local bottle shop this summer so may have to go for a drive…

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Poetry Writing Challenge #4

The ‘NaPoWriMo 2013‘ challenge today is to write a cinquain.

‘A what’, I said, adding a few words that aren’t suitable for a public forum.  Fortunately, this was explained as a poem that employs stanzas with five lines.  But wait, not just any five lines, no, ‘each line has a certain number of accented or stressed syllables, and a certain number of overall syllables per line’.  Serves me right, I was remiss yesterday so I guess ’tis fair punishment, now where is my Thesaurus?

one feels your wrench.

Rhythmically shaking,
crying, sobbing, through shattered fears.


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Poetry Writing Challenge #3

With today’s  ‘NaPoWriMo 2013‘  prompt being a sea shanty I couldn’t help but try to write a version relating to household chores.  I don’t claim to be the first to have this idea and I’m sure I won’t be the last, but it is all I have in me today, as for the verses, they are endless, but here is a start.

Splish, splash, wash the dishes.
Splish, splash, wash the dishes.
Splish, splash, wash the dishes.
Early in the morning.

Cottons, delicates, sort the washing.
Cottons, delicates, sort the washing.
Cottons, delicates, sort the washing.
Later in the morning.

Left, right, scrub the ti-les.
Left, right, scrub the ti-les.
Left, right, scrub the ti-les.
Now its almost lunchtime.

Splish, splash, wash the dishes.
Splish, splash, wash the dishes.
Splish, splash, wash the dishes.
Shortly after lunch time.

Backwards, forwards, use the vacuum.
Backwards, forwards, use the vacuum.
Backwards, forwards, use the vacuum.
Now its e-v-ening.

Hey Mum, what’s for dinner?
Hey Mum, what’s for dinner?
Hey Mum, what’s for dinner?
Early in the evening.

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Poetry Writing Challenge #2

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is ‘that of a poem that tells a lie’.  I often ponder about truth: truth in history, truth in media etc.  After all every story is only the writer’s version of the truth. When seen from another’s perspective every story has its own truths, which maybe fact or fiction. But as I started to write today my mind had other ideas, a story from a soul who is a little lost, not necessarily me, but from time to time I have been there too.

They see me bold and confident.

They see me strong and proud.

I see me sad and lonely.

I see me lost in the crowd.

I see me not achieving

that which I set out to do.

But was that I thought I must accomplish,

important to me or to you?

Perhaps, I am strong and confident?

Perhaps, I am bold and proud?

Perhaps, my sense of purpose

was misdirected too.

Perhaps, my sense of sadness

comes from trying to be,

everything that you wanted

instead of being me?

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Poetry Writing Challenge #1

A friend of mine has taken part in several writing challenges over the last couple of years and I have often thought that the discipline of writing something every day would be a good way for me to get back in writing mode.  While I’ve never considered that I had any desire to write poetry, nor have I reflected on the difference between poetry and prose either.  Perhaps today is the day…  In any case,  to write well you first need to read and it certainly couldn’t do me any harm to read a poem a day for the next month, could it?

The poem I have chosen for this first ‘NaPoWriMo 2013‘ challenge is ‘She Walks in Beauty’ LORD BYRON (GEORGE GORDON).

She walks in beauty, like the night

Sometimes still and quiet.

Sometimes stormy,

perilous, unpredictable.

Other times gentle, dreamy,


Beware that deceptive beauty bite

when you are least aware.

For often it is a subtle change.

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Gainsborough Tartlets

Gainsborough Tartlet with Satsuma Plum Jam

With stone fruit season fast approaching I was looking to reduce the amount of homemade jam in my pantry ready for the next harvest. Remembering this style of tart from my childhood but not remembering what they were called I started searching and found several considerably different versions, all called Gainsborough Tarts.

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The Tortured Soul

Over the last couple of days I have written a poem for a long time friend and while I am happy for other people to use it at funeral services, or hand written in a card, I reserve all publishing and other rights. Continue reading

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Savoury Bread

Savoury Bread

This savoury bread is basically a variation on the Rustic Style Bread recipe I’ve posted about before, but I do use the mixer as I like to bake it in loaf tins and find that the dough needs to be thicker to get a good shaped loaf. Continue reading

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‘Drops’ 129-1 Jacket

Finally! I’ve photographed my ‘Drops’ 129-1 Jacket  Continue reading

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Melting Moments

Melting Moment Shortbread Recipe

Melting Moments

I had some lovely melting moments at a friend’s house.

So I decided to hunt for a recipe, Continue reading

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Computer Quilt

Brett’s Computer Quilt

I’ve wanted to make a quilt for a long time but after buying books, tools and fabric I still couldn’t decide what type of quilt to make.   Continue reading

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Basic Rustic Bread Recipe

Yummy Basic Rustic Bread

Basic Slow Rise Bread

I love this easy, no knead, bread.

I can’t remember where I found the original recipe, but I’ve adapted it to suit our tastes and we use the same basic recipe for a yummy rustic loaf Continue reading

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Easter Cake – Breadmaker version

Sirnica or Easter Cake

'Sirnica' or Easter Cake

This Easter Cake is my version of ‘Sirnica’ which is a traditional Dalmatian/Croatian Easter treat.

I have adapted the original recipe numerous times Continue reading

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